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All our team shares the same passion and enthusiasm for the architectural representation.

Brenda Roqueta, architect 
Marta Cendra, architect

Alba Estevez, CGI artist

David Herrmann, architect

Giuseppe Giordano, architect

Miguel Hernández, architect

Lluís Balcells, CGI artist

Michele Mario Zanuso, architect

Pablo López, architect

Claudia Latorre, interior designer

Álvaro Monfort, architect

Nikole Domeney, architect

Maja Tetlak, architect

Gabriel Spera, architect

Would you also like to join our team? We are permanently looking for talented CGI artists on a freelance basis. This is what we ask for:

-Proactivity and eye for sensibility 

-Experience with lighting, composition and different materialities

-Experience working in different scale projects

-Technical background is a plus

-Advanced knowledge in rendering softwares and postproduction

This is a freelance position, applicants must be EU self-employed. If you are interested and meet our requirements, we are looking forward to welcoming you in the team.


Send your application together with your representational cv and portfolio to the following email address:


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