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All our collaborators share the same passion and enthusiasm for the architectural representation.

Brenda Roqueta, architect and founder of AOP
Marta Cendra, architect

Alba Estevez, CGI artist

Miriam Corcuera, CGI artist

Jona Weber, architect

Miguel Hernández, architect

Lluís Balcells, architect 

Jorge Suárez, architect

Claudia Latorre, interior designer

Santiago de Pablo, architect

Would you like to be part of our team? We are permanently looking for new collaborators with a strong eye for sensibility.

Are you a freelance registered in the EU?

Do you define yourself as proactive and passionate about the visualization world?

Do you have experience with lighting, composition and different materialities?

Do you have experience working with different scale projects?

Do you have a technical background?

If it is the case and you have an advanced 3ds Max and Adobe knowledge, among others, we are looking forward to welcoming you in the team.


Send your application together with your representational cv and portfolio to the following email address: