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About AOP

"To think, imagine, create and build architecture we need to represent it in a visual and palpable image that tells a story".  

AOP is a project born with the desire to bring the architectural creative process closer to the imaginative collective. Our goal is to democratize the architectural representation, while creating unique images that tell a story.

As architects and 3D artists, we strive to achieve the best quality on our creations, paying attention to details, composition, textures and lightning.

We also believe in the creation of playful images. Thus, we offer different styles of representation. We love the ability to capture the reality of a photorealistic render, but we also believe in the experimentation that a collage provides in order to achieve a more picturesque and abstract result. And why not a hybrid of these two? 

Therefore, with our eye on detail and sensibility we work from the 3D model until the final image to be able to imagine the result on paper [hence the name] before a project it is built.  

Please contact us for more information.

Some of our clients

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Nomos Architects


Cantallops Vicente Arquitectes

Roach Matthews Architects


Bos Arquitectes

Canice Architects

Ofici: arquitectura


+ Studio

Prunés Arquitectes

m.o.r.e Architects

Somos m2

La Boqueria Taller

Anvers Arquitectes

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